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Critical Illness Plan

AIA Absolute Critical Cover Review

AIA has launched another multiclaim critical illness product call the AIA Absolute Critical Cover or (ASCC) for short. The ASCC. There is some enhancement done on this plan as compared to the older AIA Power Critical Cover (APCC) as we have covered previously. The plan provides 3 policy term option for coverage till age 65 & 75 under the value plan and till age 100 under the life plan. We will discuss about ASCC and leave it for you to judge whether this product is a good add on to your existing insurance portfolio.


AIA Absolute Critical Cover is a comprehensive critical illness protection plan that allows you to be safeguarded against early, intermediate, and advance stage critical illnesses, as well as chronic diseases, age-related conditions, and even future unknown diseases. What’s more, this is the first and only plan in the market to offer child premium discount and cash value!

This new plan also allows you customers to enjoy continual protection with the ASCC BOOSTER optional rider that further extends your customer’s coverage for multiple critical illnesses and relapse through the Power Reset Benefit and Power Relapse Benefit. This new plan comes with 3 plan types, with their respective attachable ASCC Booster riders

Early, Intermediate and Advance Stage Critical Illness

The basic plan provides a typical benefit of an early-stage critical illness plans which automatically encompasses all 3 stages of Critical illnesses. A total of 150 conditions ranging from the three common Critical Illnesses such as Cancer, Heart attack and Stroke to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; A degenerative neurological disease. The max claim per diagnosis of Early-Stage Critical illness is 350,000 which is the highest in the industry as well.

Special & Juvenile Conditions

The AIA ASCC provides a great number of special conditions, there are a total of 25 of these conditions and a maximum of 10 claims can be made in total on each condition subjected to a 20% pay out on the sum assured with a capped of $25,000 per condition. Here are the 25 conditions listed

AIA Absolute Critical Cover Special Condition

Benign Tumour, Chronic Diseases and Senior Silver

AIA Absolute Critical Cover also provide the life assured with chronic diseases coverage, benign tumour as well as senior silver conditions which are common required surgical procedure or illnesses that seniors are susceptible to. All these conditions are potential pre-lude to a critical illness but may be controlled if the insured continues to seek treatment and follow ups. In the event of such diagnosis, 10% of the sum assured will be paid out subjected to the following limitations without affecting the basic sum assured:

Benign Tumour – 1 Claim up to 10% of Sum Assured (Max $25,000)

In order to be eligible for this claim, the insured must undergo the excision of tumor as recommended by registered pathologist, the tumour must have evidence of not being cancerous confirmed by histopathological examination after surgical excision and be completely removed. These are the tumor which can be claimed

benign tumour

Chronic Diseases – 1 Claim up to 10% of Sum Assured (Max $10,000)

If the Insured is diagnosed to be suffering from a Chronic Disease Condition or undergoes a surgery for a Chronic Disease Condition and provided, he/she survives at least seven (7) days from the date of Diagnosis or date of surgical procedure performed for such Chronic Disease Condition, AIA will pay 10% of the basic sum assured subject to a maximum of S$10,000.

The covered chronic diseases are as followed and a maximum of 1 claim can be made in this category

  1. Thyroid disorders
  2. Severe presbycusis (Age related hearing loss)
  3. Varicose veins requiring surgery
  4. Severe Obstructive or Mixed Sleep Apnoea
  5. Age related macular degeneration with visual impairment
  6. Psoriatic arthritis
  7. Severe Hypertension
Senior Silver Benefit – 1 Claim up to 10% of Sum Assured (Max $25,000)

The Senior Silver Benefit is a relatively new coverage in the critical illness protection universe in Singapore. This pre-early ci condition provides protection for the life assured on the 51st birthday. If the Insured is diagnosed to be suffering from or undergoes a surgery for a Senior Silver Condition and provided, he/she survives at least (7) days from the date of Diagnosis or date of surgical procedure performed for such Senior Silver Condition, AIA will pay 10% of the insured amount under the basic sum assured, subject to a maximum of S$25,000. The following conditions are covered under this provision.

There are 3 specified conditions in this category.

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia requiring surgery
  • Glacouma requiring surgery
  • Urinary incontinence requiring surgical repair

ICU Coverage

This plan provides 20% pay out on the sum assured with a cap of $25,000. The criteria to claim for this benefit is that the insured must stay in ICU for at least 4 days in one hospital admission

Power Reset & Power Relapse Benefit

The power reset technically means if your policy is in force 12 months after the date of your latest diagnosed critical illness, the plan will auto restore your sum assured to 100% of your insured amount and you will be eligible to claim for another critical illness regardless of stages. If the Insured is re-diagnosed with or suffers from recurrence on any one of the following Power Relapse Critical Illness

  • Re-diagnosed Major Cancer
  • Recurred Heart Attack
  • Recurred Stroke
  • Repeated Major Organ Transplant / Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Repeated Heart Valve Surgery

or undergoes a surgery for a Power Relapse Critical Illness 2 years after its first diagnosis, 100% of the sum assured will be paid, this claim feature will affect the number of claims on the power reset benefit and can only be claimed once for up to 2 re-diagnosed or recurrent condition.

You will be able to reset your sum assured up to 5 times for these two benefits, a maximum claim of 2x will be eligible for Power Relapse Benefit.

Surrender Value

The Absolute Critical Cover has a surrender value benefit if you buy the till 100 Life plan, not the value plan till age 65 or 75.

The plan allows the policy holder to exercise its surrender value any time after the 60th policy anniversary or when the life assured attain 75 years old whichever earlier at a cash value which is equivalent to 75% of the sum assured. This is after deducting any claim amount made, which means, if you’ve made any CI claim during the lifespan of the policy, this feature will no longer be applicable. What’s more, the surrender value of the plan increases by 1% of the sum assured from the life assured 76th birthday onwards.

On the 100th Birthday if no critical illness claim is made, AIA will pay 150% of the insured amount less all amounts owing to them under the policy.

Death Benefit

The AIA PCC provide death benefit at 5% of the sum assured plus surrender value at any point throughout the policy term.

Child Premium Discount

If your child is below 21 years of age, and if you are covered by the AIA absolute critical cover policy and buys another policy for your child with you as the owner, you will get to enjoy child premium discount in accordance to the table below.

Aia absolute critical cover child premium discount

AIA Absolute Critical Cover In A Nutshell

Absolute critical cover in a nutshell

Source: aia.com.sg

The Good

The AIA Absolute Critical Cover provides the most comprehensive list of critical illness coverage including the most pre-early stage ci, all stages of ci and special conditions coverage, the feature stands out among the rest of the insurers as other companies do not or have minimal coverage on pre-early ci conditions. It also the only stand-alone critical illness insurance plan that has cash value if a policy term till age 100 years is chosen.

The Bad

There’s a few cut back from the previous AIA Power Critical Cover in that type 2 diabetes diagnosis has been taken away from its chronic disease category, death benefit has been reduced to 5% of sum assured instead of 100% of sum assured and the power relapse and power reset benefit now comes under the same 500% claim limit whereas the previous plan provides up to 700% claimable limit on these two categories.


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