4 Unexpected Things You Can Expect at Wedding Banquets

So it’s the familiar wedding season again, where your peers have gotten engaged, done their wedding photoshoots, booked out an overpriced venue and 3=course meal, and of course invites you to have a seat at the table. This is when you open your bookmarked page on your browser for “How much angbao to bao based on hotel table rates” and you just feel like a hole is literally burning in your pocket that it hurts. Well, to be honest, there’s not much to be done about such situations but what you can do is to look forward to these unexpected things at wedding banquets:

  1. Unexpected catch-ups with long-lost friends

wedding banquets

You knew the group of you used to be as tight as thieves but somehow along the way, people split up, went to different schools, and headed to completely different directions in their lives. Somehow everyone just stopped talking one day and never picked the conversation back up again, and life just moves everyone along. Weddings bring an amazing opportunity to reconnect with close friends and perhaps show that maybe your friends are actually still the same people you knew back in school even after all these years.

  1. Unexpected photographs and new memories

wedding banquets

Maybe you have become jaded from attending so many weddings, but each occasion presents a chance to create newer, better memories, especially when these can be documented via event photobooths that are all the rage nowadays. I ensure that I take home these candid wedding photobooth strips with me to remind myself of the friends and company I have around me and of the occasion itself. If you went to a wedding alone, you might even make some new friends using the excuse of taking some funky photos together. These keepsakes are even more valuable when it is becoming less and less common to print physical photos and storing them in photo albums the old-fashioned way.

  1. Unexpected vows and stories

wedding banquets

You think you’ve heard them once, you’ve heard them all. However, despite living in a closely-knit society, where most relationships seem to follow the same trajectory of dating, applying for HDB flat, proposing and getting married, then have a baby before the age of 30, sometimes the little quirks and nuances of the wedding couple’s vows or flashback stories might give-you-hope and put a little spring in your step and smile on your lips as you walk out the wedding hall. If you are in a long-term relationship or already married, hearing these vows might give you ideas for your own relationship and renewing your commitment to your partner.

  1. Unexpected after-party

wedding banquets

Finally, once the stressful wedding ceremony and banquet is done and dusted and all relatives and friends have been sent along their merry way, it is when the real party gets started and the wedding couple can finally loosen their tie and kick off their heels for a once-in-a-lifetime ‘Just Married!’ after-party. To experience this, make sure you mingle around for as long as possible so that you finally get drag with the bridal party to the couple’s favourite club or bar of choice. Better yet, if the couple is too tired to leave their hotel and decide to have it in their room instead, you can have a nice relaxing after-party and be privy to stories from the couple that were not deemed safe for public consumption at the main wedding session!


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